NU Durban Plan

The Dreamers Dream the Dream to Life…

nu durban headerThe movement now is towards people-led social evolutions, chosen, designed and implemented by the people themselves. Knowing that the ‘Government-corporation-military complex-Greed Machine’ does not have our interests and health as concerns, the people have been meeting in public open forums across the world, using horizontal democracy methodologies to figure out how They themselves can solve their local problems and develop future plans. To imagine a future city you want, and to blend it with the communal vision, is to activate the manifestation of this dream.

nu durban people machineThe Nu Durban Plan aims to add to this dynamic shift by openly engaging and sharing the process on this blog.  A CitiZen lead initiative to reclaim, re-purpose and re-design spaces and relationships, initiating a holistic integrated system re-design that uses a blend of technologies like the PermaCulture methodology (essential when considering suburbs, cities and urban spaces as living ecosystems), Transition town innovations (gearing towards fossil fuel-less societies), and generating small, effective local solutions to become less centralized and more autonomous.  One key such solution is the use of existing and emerging alternatives that exist. In terms of eConomics, a more open system would see less middle men and more local/alternative currencies being used.

nu durban

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